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- V03

LC-55513 opsvstarts in 12 days

- V04

LC-55523-5 opsvstarts in 12 days

"Put Your Head on a Blockchain" - Strategies for Employing Emergent Technologies for Business and Society

21E000386 openstarts in 4 months

(L01) Miten idea materialisoituu?

UWAS-C00045 opfistarts in 3 months

(L01) Taiteen evoluutio

ARTS-A06092 opfiongoing

(M01) Esitystilat ja tekniikka

ELO-C60123 opfiongoing

(M01) Nykytaiteen historia

ARTS-A06124 opfiongoing

(Performanc) Special Areas of Scenography (MA)

ELO-E50261-12 opfienstarts in 20 days

3D Animation

DOM-E50141-12 openongoing

3D Prototyping in Context of Creative Practice

UWAS-C00503 openstarts in 4 months

ADD BASICS: Working in the Digital Paradigm

AAN-C20115-10 openstarts in 4 months

AI in health technologies

ELEC-E87395 openongoing


ENG-A10025 opfistarts in 6 months

AV Club: Thinking and Doing Moving Images

UWAS-C00455 openstarts in 4 months


ELO-C30141 opfistarts in 4 months

Aalto Fellows

TU-E41105 openongoing

Aaltonaut Communication Skills - H01

LC-11183-6 openongoing

Abstract algebra

MS-C10815 openstarts in 3 months

Academic Communication for MSc Students (o,w) - H09

LC-13103 opfienongoing

Academic Communication for Master´s Students (o,w) - H01

LCA-10203 openstarts in 12 days

Academic Discussion between the Arts

TAI-E10103 opfiongoing

Academic Learning Community

CHEM-E01004-5 openongoing

Academic Learning Skills

ARTS-A01132 openongoing

Academic Learning Skills

ARTS-A01032 opfistarts in 3 months

Academic Writing

MLI61C6306 openstarts in 19 days

Academic Writing (w) - H02

LCA-10223 openstarts in 12 days

Academic Writing for Photography Students

DOM-E30442 opfistarts in 14 days

Academic skills in master's studies

ELEC-E01103 openongoing

Accounting and Information Systems

22C280006 openstarts in 13 days

Accounting as Social and Institutional Practice

22E130006 openongoing