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- H01

LCA-10083 openstarts in 24 days

- V01

LC-11122 openstarts in 24 days

- V01

LC-11101 openstarts in 23 days

(K02) Business Communication Skills

A61A002003 openstarts in a month

Artificial Intelligence (summer course)

CS-E48005 openongoing

Artistic Collaboration

ELO-E521310-15 openongoing

Avoin yo, Brändin voiman johtaminen ja arviointi, iltakurssi, kevät 2020

A23E530156 opexam in a month

Bachelor's Thesis

28C9990110 openongoing

Bachelor's Thesis

MLI26C01210 openstarts in 3 months

Bachelor's Thesis Seminar

21C999022 opfiongoing

Bachelor's Thesis Seminar

57C999022 openongoing

Basic Course in C programming - summer course 2020

ELEC-A71005 openongoing

Basic Course in Programming Y1 (summer course)

CS-A11115 opfiongoing

Basics in Business French 1

MLI66A0013 openstarts in a year

Basics in Business French 2

MLI66A0023 openongoing

Basics in Business German 1

MLI62A0013 openstarts in a year

Basics in Business German 2

MLI62A0023 openongoing

Basics in Business Spanish 1

MLI65A0013 openstarts in a year

Basics in Business Spanish 2

MLI65A0023 openongoing

Business and Management of Digital Media Production

MLI26C2036 openongoing

Challenge Breakers

AAN-C10025 openongoing

Computational Methodologies for Landscape Architecture and Urbanism

MAR-E10393-8 openstarts in a month

Conducting Small Group Activities V

JOIN-A00011 opfiongoing

Conducting Small Group Activities for International Students V 2020-2021

JOIN-A00021 openongoing

Databases (summer course)

CS-A11505 opfiongoing

Digitaalisen kuvailmaisun työpaja (elokuu)

ATAI-C11695 opfistarts in 24 days

Energy and Environmental Economics

31C013006 openongoing

Environment Now

TAI-E31365 openstarts in a month

Environmental Economics

MLI26C7076 openongoing

Finnish 1B, web course

ALC-73122 opfienstarts in 24 days