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Brändin voiman johtaminen ja arviointi

A23E530156 opfistarts in 2 months

Business Communication Skills

A61A002003 opfistarts in a month

Business Presentations

A75E240003 openongoing

Communication and Project Management

A77A003006 opfistarts in a month

Corporate Responsibility and Ethics

A21A004103 opfistarts in 18 days

Corporate law

A32C260006 opfistarts in 7 days

Digital Communication and Media

A77C030006 opfistarts in a month

Digital Image Workshop

ATAI-C11695 opfiongoing

Finnish 1A

ALC-73112 opfienstarts in 25 days

Finnish 1B. evening course

ALC-73122 opfienongoing

Finnish 2A

ALC-73212 opfienstarts in 25 days

Finnish 2B, evening course

ALC-73222 opfienongoing

Finnish 3A

ALC-73312 opfienstarts in a month

Finnish 3B, evening course

ALC-73322 opfienongoing

German 1 for Professional Needs

ALC-60013 opfistarts in 25 days

German 2 for professional needs

ALC-60023 opdeongoing

Group Process and Therapeutic Aspects in Art Education

ATAI-E113410 opfiongoing

Human Resource Management

A21C003006 opfiongoing

Integrated Marketing Communications

A23C5106 openongoing

International Strategy

A26E031016 opfistarts in a month

Introduction to Accounting

A22A001106 opfiexam in a month

Introduction to Business Law

A32A001306 opfistarts in 11 days

Introduction to Financial Accounting

A22C001006 opfiexam in a month

Introduction to Management

A21A001106 opfiexam in a month

Introduction to Marketing Management

A23A001106 opexam in 13 days

Introduction to Operations Management

A35A003106 opfiongoing

Kevätväylä, tekniikan ala

Ako-kv26 opfistarts in 4 months

Management Communication

A61C010006 openstarts in a month

Open Uni, Inside Work Cultures, book exam, Summer 2019

A21E030506 opexam in 7 days

Organization Theory

Ako-E34105 opfistarts in 20 days

Organizational Behavior

A21C002506 opfistarts in 2 months

Performance and Reward Management

Ako-E31405 opfistarts in 19 days

Principles of Economics

A31A001106 opfiexam in 19 days

Project Work and Management

A21C004006 opfiongoing

Swedish Business Communication 1

ALCB-58003 opfisvongoing

Tax Law I

A32C0606 opfistarts in 13 hours

Write competently

ALC-71082 opfistarts in 3 days