Common courses for Aalto (116)

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- V03

LC-55513 opsvongoing

- V04

LC-55523-5 opsvongoing

Aaltonaut Communication Skills - H01

LC-11183-6 openongoing

Academic Communication for MSc Students (o,w) - H09

LC-13103 opfienongoing

Academic Communication for Master´s Students (o,w) - H01

LCA-10203 openongoing

Academic Writing (w) - H02

LCA-10223 openongoing

Autonomous Language Learning Path (o + w) - M01

LC-11133 openongoing

Autonomous Language Learning Path (o + w) - M01

LCA-10153 openongoing

Autonomous Language Learning Path II (o + w) - H01

LCA-10253 openstarts in 2 months

Basic Chinese for Professional Needs 1 - H01

LC-91113 opzhongoing

Basic Japanese for Professional Needs 1 - H01

LC-33113 opfiongoing

Basic Portuguese for Professional Needs 1 - H01

LC-31113 opptstarts in 2 months

Basic Spanish for Professional Needs 1 - H03

LC-20013 opesongoing

Business German 1a - M01

LC-61113 opfiongoing

Business German 1b - M01

LC-61123 opfiongoing

Business German 2a (o,w) - M01

LC-61213 opfiongoing

Business German 2b (o) - M02

LC-61223 opfistarts in 2 months

Business German 3a (o,w) - M01

LC-61313 opdeongoing

Business German 3b (o) - M02

LC-61323 opdestarts in 2 months

Business Spanish 3a - M02

LC-22313 opesstarts in 2 months

Business Spanish 3b - M01

LC-22323 opesongoing

Business Spanish 3c - M01

LC-22333 opesstarts in 5 months

Business, Society and Culture in the Nordic Countries - H01

LC-58113 opsvongoing

Chinese Characters 1 - H01

LC-91212 opzhongoing

Chinese Characters 2 - H01

LC-91222 opzhongoing

Chinese Characters 3 - H01

LC-91232 opzhongoing

Chinese Characters 4 - H01

LC-91242 opzhongoing

Chinese Characters 5 - H01

LC-91252 opzhongoing

Chinese Conversation 1 (V) - H01

LC-91312 opfiongoing

Chinese for Professional Needs 2 - H02

LC-91123 opzhstarts in 2 months

Chinese for Professional Needs 3 - L01

LC-91134 opzhongoing

Chinese for Professional Needs 4 - H01

LC-91144 opzhstarts in 2 months

Chinese for Professional Needs 5 (o,w) - L01

LC-91153 opzhongoing

Communicating Technology (o + w) - H03

LC-11143 openongoing

Curso avanzado - Español profesional (o,w) - H01

LC-21703 opesstarts in 5 months

Deutsch 3 for professional needs - H01

LC-60113 opdeongoing

Deutsch 4 for professional needs - H01

LC-60213 opdeongoing

Deutsch 5 for professional needs (o,w) - H02

LC-60323 opdestarts in 3 months

Deutsch 6 for professional needs (o,w) - M01

LC-60333 opdeongoing

Deutsch fürs Management (o) - M01

LC-61333 opdefiongoing

Diplôme de français professionnel - Affaires B2 (o,w) - M01

LC-44046 opfrongoing

Diplôme de français professionnel - Affaires B2 (o,w) - M01

LC-44033 opfrongoing

Diplôme de français professionnel - Affaires C1 (o,w) - H01

LC-44053 opfrongoing

Diplôme de français professionnel - Affaires C1 (o,w) - M01

LC-44066 opfrongoing

Español 4b - Cultura y negocios (o,w) - M01

LC-22423 opesongoing

Español 4c - Comunicación corporativa (o,w) - V01

LC-22433 opesongoing

Español 5 (o,w) - H01

LC-21503 opes

Español 6 (o,w) - H01

LC-21603 opesstarts in 2 months

Field-Specific Self-Study Course in Swedish Communication - I02

LC-58103 opsvstarts in 3 months

Foundations of Swedish for Technology - H35

LC-54114 opfisvongoing

Foundations of Writing and Talking about Art - K01

LCA-57041 opsvongoing

Français 1 - Basic French for Professional Needs 1 - H02

LC-41113 opfrenongoing

Français 2 for Professional Needs - H02

LC-41123 opfrongoing

Français 3a - Communication professionnelle - H02

LC-41213 opfrstarts in 2 months

Français 3b - Communication professionnelle (o,w) - H01

LC-41223 opfrongoing

French in a Nutshell - H01

LC-40023 opfrstarts in 5 months

German 1 for Professional Needs - M01

LC-60013 opdeongoing

German 2 for professional needs - M01

LC-60023 opdeongoing

German Grammar 1 - V01

LC-60222 opdeongoing

German Grammar 2 (w) - V01

LC-60232 opdestarts in 2 months

German for Outgoing Exchange Students (o,w) - H01

LC-60312 opdestarts in 2 months

Grammaire française (o, w) - M01

LC-42033 opfrongoing

HSK Test Prep Course - L01

LC-91502 opzhstarts in 2 months

Integrated Oral Skills (o) - H01

LCA-10133 openstarts in 2 months

Integrated Oral and Written Skills (o,w) - H01

LC-11173 openongoing

Integrated Written Skills (w) - H01

LCA-10123 openstarts in 3 months

Introduction to Chinese Culture - L01

LC-91003 opzhstarts in 3 months

Japanese for Professional needs 2 - H01

LC-33123 opfistarts in 2 months

Konsten att tala och skriva professionellt - P02

LCA-57053 opsvstarts in 2 months

Master's thesis process

ELEC-E02102 openongoing

Muntlig framställning - H01

LC-58173 opsvstarts in 3 months

National Language Requirement (Swedish) Oral Test

LC-50021 opexam in 23 days

National Language Requirement (Swedish) Writing Test

LC-50011 opexam in 23 days

Online Persuasive Presentations for Engineers (o) - V03

LC-11201 openongoing

Online Preparatory English: Reading and Writing (w) - V03

LC-10901 openstarts in 2 months

Online Preparatory English: Speaking and Listening (o) - V02

LC-10911 openongoing

Online Presentation Skills for ARTS (o) - V02

LCA-11123 openstarts in 2 months

Online Presentations Skills for Engineers (o) - V07

LC-11122 openfiongoing

Online Writing Skills for Engineers 1 (w) - V05

LC-11101 openongoing

Online Writing Skills for Engineers 2 (w) - V02

LC-11111 openstarts in 2 months

Persuasive Communication (o,w) - H02

LC-11153 openongoing

Portuguese for Professional needs 2 - H01

LC-31123 opptstarts in 3 months

Preparing for the Doctoral Defense (o) - H02

LC-13351 openstarts in 2 months

Presenting Doctoral Research (o) - H01

LC-13303-5 openstarts in 3 months

Producing a Scientific Publication P

ELEC-E09035 openongoing

Projets francophones (o,w) - M01

LC-42023-4 opfrongoing

Projets francophones BIZ (o,w) - M01

LC-42013-4 opfrongoing

Reading Project in ARTS (online) (w + o) - V01

LCA-11113 openongoing

Recherche, gestion et produit (o,w) V - M01

LC-41343-4 opfrongoing

Recognition of prior English learning (AHOT in Finnish, o + w) - V01

LC-11193 openongoing

Recognition of prior English learning (AHOT in Finnish; o + w) - V01

LCA-10183-6 openongoing

Russian 2 - Online Revision Course - V04

LC-80252 opfistarts in 7 months

Skriftlig kommunikation i arbetslivet - P01

LC-59013 opsvstarts in 2 months

Spanish 2 - Spanish for Professional Needs - H03

LC-20123 opesongoing

Spanish 3A - H02

LC-21312 opesstarts in 2 months

Spanish 3B - H01

LC-21322 opesongoing

Spanish 4A - H01

LC-21412 opesstarts in 2 months

Spanish 4B - H01

LC-21422 opesstarts in 3 months

Swedish Business Communication 1 - M06

LCB-58003 opsvongoing

Swedish Oral Test

LCA-57021 opexam in 23 days

Swedish Written Test

LCA-57012 opexam in 23 days

Swedish for International Students 1A - K22

LC-57713 opsvenstarts in 2 months

Swedish for International Students 1B - K21

LC-57723 opsvenongoing

Swedish for Technology - V01

LC-54103 opsvongoing

Swedish for public administration, oral skills

LCB-58020 opexam in 23 days

Swedish for public administration, written skills

LCB-58010 opexam in 23 days

Swedish workplace communication, advanced - H01

LC-58153 opsvstarts in 2 months

Talking Art, Design & Architecture (o) - H03

LCA-10093 openongoing

Technisches Deutsch (o,w) - H01

LC-60343 opdestarts in 2 months

Thesis Writing for Engineers (MSc) (w) - H01

LC-13201-3 openongoing

Tools for Master's Thesis - H01

Eri-0.61003 openongoing

Writing Doctoral Research (w) - H01

LCA-10303 openstarts in 3 months

Writing Doctoral Research (w) - H03

LC-13403-5 openongoing

Writing and Talking about Art in Swedish - V02

LCA-57030 opsvongoing

Writing in Art, Design & Architecture (w) - H03

LCA-10083 openongoing

Written Self-Study in Swedish - I01

LC-56202 opsvstarts in 2 months