Computer science (100)

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Acoustics and Audio Technology Seminar P V

ELEC-E56305 openstarts in 2 months

Advanced Computer Graphics

CS-E55205 openstarts in a month

Advanced Course in Algorithms

CS-E45005 openstarts in a month


CS-E56003 openstarts in a month

Algorithmic Methods of Data Mining

CS-E46005 openongoing

Applications of Computing

CS-A11305 opfistarts in a month

Artificial Intelligence

CS-E48005 openexam in 20 hours

Bachelor's Thesis and Seminar (Computer Science)

SCI3027.kand10 opfiongoing

Basic Course in Programming Y1

CS-A11115 opexam in 2 months

Basic Course in Programming Y2

CS-A11215 opfistarts in a month

Basics in Programming Y2

CS-A11235 opfistarts in a month

Basics of web publishing

CS-C11805 opfistarts in a month

Big Data Platforms

CS-E46405 openongoing

Cloud Systems and Technologies

CS-EJ41032 openongoing


CS-E45555 openstarts in 4 months

Complex Networks

CS-E57405 openongoing

Computational Complexity Theory

CS-E45305 openstarts in a month

Computational Genomics

CS-E58655 opexam in 4 days

Computational Methods in Stochastics

CS-E57955 openongoing

Computer Graphics

CS-C31005 openongoing

Computer Vision

CS-E48505 openongoing

Concurrent Programming

CS-E41105 openongoing

Data Science

CS-C31605 openongoing

Data Structures and Algorithms

CS-A11405 openongoing

Data Structures and Algorithms Y

CS-A11415 opfiongoing

Data Structures and Algorithms Y

CS-A11435 openongoing


CS-A11505 opfistarts in 2 months


CS-A11535 openstarts in 4 months

Declarative Programming

CS-E32205 openongoing

Deep Learning

CS-E48905 openstarts in 3 months