Economics (33)

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Applied Microeconometrics I

31E009106 openongoing

Capstone: Econometrics and Data Analysis

31C999046 opfistarts in 3 months

Capstone: Microeconomic Policy

31E999066 openstarts in 12 days

Development Economics I

31E150006 openongoing

Development Economics II

31E160006 openstarts in 4 months

Economics of Global Challenges

ECON-A40006 openstarts in 4 months

Energy and Environmental Economics

31C013006 openexam in 12 days

Energy and Environmental Economics

31E013105 openexam in 12 days

History of Economic Growth and Crises

31E401006 openstarts in 13 days

Industrial Organization (Micro III)

31E130006 openstarts in 3 months

Intermediate Macroeconomics

31C002006 opfistarts in 3 months

Intermediate Microeconomics

31C001006 opfiongoing

International Trade

31E005006 openstarts in 3 months

Investment Decisions in Emerging Markets

31E030006 openstarts in 3 months

Labor Economics

31E007006 openstarts in 4 months

Macroeconomics: Policy

31E230006 openstarts in 3 months

Master's Thesis Seminar

31E999056 openongoing

Mathematics for Economists

31C011006 opfiongoing

Mathematics for Economists

ECON-C10006 openstarts in 6 months

Microeconomics: Pricing

31E111006 openongoing

Microeconomics: Pricing and Strategy

31C001106 opfistarts in 13 days

Money and Banking

31C009006 opfiexam in 19 days

Open Economy Macroeconomics

31E006006 opfistarts in 4 months

Personnel Economics

31C008006 openstarts in 6 months

Principles of Economics

31A001106 opfiongoing

Principles of Economics I

ECON-A21006 openongoing

Principles of Economics II

ECON-A22006 openstarts in 12 days

Principles of Empirical Analysis

ECON-A30006 openstarts in 3 months

Russian Economy: Opportunities and Challenges for Doing Business

31C0141006 openstarts in 12 days

The Finnish Economy and Economic Policy

31C003006 opfiongoing