Marketing (35)

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Advanced Storytelling

23E850503 openstarts in 2 months

Advanced Topics in Marketing

23E010003-6 openexam in 15 days

Brand Management

23E240006 openstarts in 8 months

Capstone course: Marketing

23E999066 openstarts in 8 months

Capstone: Product and Brand Management

23C6306 openstarts in 6 months

Consumer Behavior, Retail Experience and Fashion

23E580506 openstarts in 2 months

Consumer Behaviour

23C5806 opexam in 11 days

Consumer Culture

23E280006 openstarts in 2 months

Consumer Psychology

23E480006 openstarts in 9 months

Consumer research

23C590006 openstarts in 19 days

Contemporary Issues in Marketing

23C010003-6 openstarts in 18 days

Creativity in Marketing

23E760506 openstarts in 6 months

Customer Experience Management

23C720506 openstarts in 18 days

Digital Marketing

23E470006 openstarts in 18 days

Fashion Marketing

23E570006 openstarts in 5 months

Frontiers of Markets and Consumer Research

23E080006 openstarts in 5 months

Innovations in an Age of Constant Change

23C790506 openstarts in 2 months

Integrated Marketing Communications

23C5106 openstarts in 5 months

Introduction to Marketing Management

23A001106 opfiexam in 7 days

Managing Value-Based Selling

23E500106 openstarts in 19 days

Market Research

23C600006 openstarts in 19 days

Marketing Analytics

23C605006 openexam in 13 days

Marketing, strategy and firm performance

23E210506 openstarts in 6 months

Master's Thesis Seminar

23E999056 openongoing

Meet the Stage: Public Speaking and Interaction Skills

23E870506 openstarts in 2 months

Qualitative Business Research Methods

23E801016 openstarts in 18 days

Quantitative Business Research Methods

23E801026 openstarts in 2 months

Retail Business Models and Marketing

23E250006 opfistarts in 19 days

Retailing strategies and competitive resources

23C610506 opfistarts in 5 months

Service Business Strategy

23E100006 openstarts in 5 months