Startup Leadership

TU-E40515 opmastersScienceIndustrial Engineering and Management

Based on research spanning over ten years and covering almost 10,000 startups in the U.S., Harvard Professor Noam Wasserman has identified important decisions that most founders face, and outcomes that are typically related with those decisions. Most often these decisions are related to people: starting from making the decision to become a founder, debating on whether to partner with other people, who they might be, dividing roles and rewards within the founding team, and acquiring the needed human, social and/or financial capital for growth. Each time new players become involved in the venture, new decisions have to be made which might have significant influence on the future outcomes. Wasserman refers to the most critical decisions as the founder's dilemmas: The Founder's dilemmas are decisions that involve a tradeoff, hence they are painful to make, and often the easy decision is the wrong one in the long run. These dilemmas form the basis of the case-based learning on the course. Using these cases as examples, we will discuss issues such as how to get the right people engaged in your business idea, how to develop implementation capacity networks through global partnerships, how to grow without losing a start-up culture, and thus, how to building a high-growth, long-term, sustainable firm from scratch.

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