Capstone: Digitalism Challenge

57E007006 opmastersBusinessInformation and Service Economy

This course is organized in collaboration with Accenture and selected organizations, and it is open to all Aalto Master¿s students. Also Bachelor¿s students can take the course given that they have sufficient background knowledge. All Aalto students can include the course in their studies as part of their elective courses. Business school students can include it either as an elective course or use the course to replace their MSc capstone course if they study in one of the following programs: Management & IB, Accounting, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Business Law, ISM or Corporate Communications. The course is about solving a real problem in an organization. The work will be done in teams of 4-5, and it is not possible to complete the course as a distance learning project. Different teams will have different problems to solve.Detailed contents:1. Kick-off event2. Lectures on key areas such as service design and presentation techniques and pitching.3. Intensive 20-hour hackathon event4. Coaching for the case5. Final presentation6. Writing executive-level reports

The exact number of students admitted will depend on the number of organizational clients joining the course. Altogether 100-150 students (including also other than Aalto students in case of special agreements). Students are prioritized in the following order: 1. ISM MSc students2. EIT Digital Data Science MSc students ( 3. Students from partner universities (in case of special agreements)4. Other Aalto MSc students5. MSc level exchange students6. Aalto BSc studentsParticipation in the key events is obligatory to pass the course (see details in the syllabus).

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