Creativity in Marketing

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Brainstorming, divergence and convergence techniques, new product development, service building, brand storytelling, branding.

The number of students admitted to the course is restricted to 50. Priority is given to (1) Aalto students studying in MSc Program of Marketing, (2) IDBM-studens, (3) other Aalto students. Course Policies and Procedures: Attendance PolicyBecause the in-class experience is an integral part of this course, attendance is required.  You are allowed one absence.  Starting with the second absence, each one is a 4 percentage-point reduction in your participation grade. Based on my discretion, late arrival to class can also count as an absence.Professional Classroom DecorumI will not tolerate IM¿ing, text messaging, email checking, or cell phone use of any kind during class.  I find this behavior personally offensive and disrespectful.  If I perceive you to be engaging in any of these activities, you will receive a zero for participation that day.  Three ¿zeros¿ result in a 4 percentage-point reduction in your grade.  You are guilty if I think you¿re guilty. That¿s the only way I see to enforce the rule.  Some examples of practices that are forbidden in class:1.    Checking your phone underneath the desk2.    Checking your IM on your laptop during class3.    Checking any website that is not related to course content during class4.    I also don¿t find it too useful when people sprint to Wikipedia whenever a question arises.  5.    Doing homework for other classes.  Think of it this way: some jobs let you do this while at work. Some don¿t. Consider my class in the latter category. According to a recent study, 73% of ¿phone checking¿ is done out of boredom or habit, almost like a muscle memory impulse. Break the habit. You¿ll thank yourself later.

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